Innovation – what’s the big idea?

On the face of it, cleaning is a pretty straightforward business. After all, there are only so many ways we can deal with an area or problem, and lots of those techniques are unchanged for eternity. However, that downplays the pace of change in the cleaning industry, and our place in a changing world. [...]

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Beating the January blues

The seemingly endless month of January... When we've supposedly ditched the New Year's resolutions. And hopefully made it past the worst day of the year. But can look forward with the hope of spring, as the days grow longer and we would like to think the winter gloom will hopefully disappear. And what better [...]

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Great cleaning – great school results?

The link between a clean, hygienic environment and productivity is gaining more and more recognition. We’ve known for some time that high cleaning standards can create the platform for a perfect teaching and learning environment. And in turn this can go a long way to helping pupils reach their targets. Anecdotal evidence certainly suggests this to [...]

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