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The personal touch that sets Kent Gurkha apart

For over a decade, Kent Gurkha has delighted clients with a blend of service and performance that sets us apart.

The company retains many of the ideas and values that were there from the start. Passion, pride, and a personal touch.

Kent Gurkha are a really good firm to work for, and they’re always friendly and helpful towards their staff

Trevor M, Kent Gurkha team member

With our roots in the Gurkha community, we hold that ethos dear to our heart and never intend to lose sight of those guiding principles.

Kent Gurkha is a professional company with a personal touch towards their employees. I’m very happy to work for them and it’s the best career choice I’ve made.

James B, Kent Gurkha team member

But as we grow, our family and community grows too. Today we have members of the management team and cleaning teams from all backgrounds. But we share the same commitment to excellence that is the Gurkha way.
On joining Kent Gurkha, our people become part of the family and learn how we do things differently.

Kent Gurkha are by far the best. They have a caring, helpful and friendly attitude towards their staff whilst maintaining a professional, customer focused and trustworthy attitude to their customers

Glen B, Kent Gurkha team member

This means we can continue to bring our clients a blend of service and performance that is unique. And that will always form our core commitment – to bring you service and cleaning that is unlike others.

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We truly believe there is nobody quite like us.

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