Reaching the highest professional standards

Some might view cleaning as a low-skilled job. We don’t.

There’s actually a lot to learn.

There’s equipment to be able to use, and some can be quite technical. There are a variety of products and chemicals.

Even looking at the simpler processes of cleaning, there’s always a correct way, a more productive way, and essentially a safe way to get things done. We’ve learnt these things by experience, and we pass that experience on to our teams.

Each staff member undergoes training to ensure they are able to safely manage their work, protecting themselves, the public and your facilities.

As corporate members of BICSc, our staff are trained to meet an international standard of cleaning performance.

Everybody who wears the Kent Gurkha uniform passes through our training programme. If we take over staff through TUPE, they also receive retraining so we know they’re good enough for our standards and understand our company ethos.

And then the process continues, because everybody can learn more. We keep perfecting our systems, so there could be new health & safety procedures to learn, or a more environmentally-friendly method to practice. This could be through refresher training, or through on-site talks, led by one of our fully trained managers.

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