About Kent Gurkha

The old Gurkha Brigade had a motto: Hami Jasto Kohi Chhaina.
There is nobody quite like us.

And that still sums up Kent Gurkha Company pretty well.
As the original and oldest Gurkha cleaning company, we strive to be different.

Our mission

We believe in raising standards.
We work to bring a better level of cleaning service to our clients. That’s it.
Close your eyes for a moment and think of the Gurkhas. What comes to mind?
Courage, determination, excellence?
That is our DNA. The qualities which led Bhupal and Sanu to form the company over a decade ago, and which we strive to live up to each day.
Much of the company’s early growth came via word-of mouth recommendations. We take great pride from the fact that our very first cleaning client is still with us after more than a decade.
And at the same time, we are building a family to work together and deliver more than the competition. Our links to the gurkha communities of Kent are of course strong. But our family now includes staff in the hundreds, from all backgrounds.
Our close-knit workforce means staff turnover rates are very low by industry standards.
We look for excellence, and we push ourselves to make that happen.
We hope you will agree – there is nobody quite like us.
Reference material: http://www.gurkhabde.com/kaida/
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