The cleaning industry in the United Kingdom has been experiencing growth and evolution in recent years, driven by various factors. We take a look at the factors influencing the cleaning industry as a whole, with a particular view to the future in the commercial cleaning sector.

The COVID effect:

The COVID pandemic has had a multi-pronged and mixed effect upon the cleaning industry.

Prior to COVID, one in three households employed a cleaner. The lockdowns and requirement for people to work from home combined with the closure of businesses and office premises resulted in both domestic and commercial cleaning industry being affected. Whilst there was a decreased demand for cleaning of homes and offices, there was a vast increase in the demand for stringent and more frequent cleaning within medical buildings as well as other essential sectors.

COVID-19 also significantly heightened awareness of the importance of cleanliness and hygiene in both residential and commercial settings. This increased focus on cleanliness has led to a higher demand for professional cleaning services, demonstrated by a notable upswing in internet searches for cleaning services.

Whilst not a factor alone, the COVID pandemic certainly has played its part in increasing awareness regarding the benefits of outsourcing cleaning to commercial cleaning companies.

Sustainability and Environmental Trends:

There is a growing emphasis on environmentally friendly cleaning practices, which has led to the development of eco-friendly cleaning products and practices within the industry.

Concerted efforts for reducing plastic waste and implementing green cleaning practices are leading to consumers and businesses increasingly seeking greener cleaning options, especially with a view to achieving net zero targets.

Changing consumer preferences and technology:

Consumers are on a constant quest for ease of services and cleaning services are no exception, with such as online booking and payment options a factor for some potential customers. This demand has led to the emergence of cleaning service marketplaces and mobile apps that connect customers with cleaning providers directly.

As well as reducing the hassle in finding and booking cleaning services to suit particular customer requirements, technology has had an impact on the way cleaning services are executed. The cleaning industry has embraced technological innovations, such as the use of advanced cleaning equipment, robotics, and digital platforms for scheduling and managing cleaning services. These technologies have improved efficiency and effectiveness in the industry.

The increased outsourcing of cleaning services:

Many businesses and institutions, including offices, hotels, restaurants, and healthcare facilities, choose to outsource their cleaning services to professional cleaning companies such as Kent Gurkha due to the many benefits doing so offers. This trend has led to the growth of the commercial cleaning sector in the UK.

Increased regulatory compliance and health standards:

The UK cleaning industry is subject to a great many regulations and standards which aim to ensure health and safety of workers, customers and the environment. These standards have become more stringent in various industries, leading to a greater demand for cleaning services that can meet these standards.

Google Trends analysis shows a spike in searches for commercial cleaning services hitting a high during the end of November 2020, the start of the second period of UK lockdowns. Currently, we can see a worldwide increase in searches for commercial cleaning services compared to pre-COVID searches, providing reassurance that growth within the industry is certainly on the rise.

Kent Gurkha has been providing commercial cleaning services to schools, offices and commercial properties throughout Kent since 2006.

Outsourcing your business’s cleaning tasks to a professional service such as Kent Gurkha will allow your business to maintain a clean and healthy environment while saving time and resources.

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