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The Kent Gurkha difference

What makes us different? Why do we say: ‘there is nobody quite like us’?

Not all cleaning services are alike. So what is it that sets Kent Gurkha apart from the competition?

In today’s competitive environment we can still promise clients something refreshing and reassuring, and different to the rest.

It is built upon a culture, and a tradition that encourages us to go further and deliver more. In adopting the Gurkha name we are a part of something bigger. It gives us something to aspire to, and a proud history to add our own chapter to.

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    We value privacy and will never share your data.

    We are proud to manage a company that employs a large and growing team of cleaning staff, supported from our Maidstone based office. We will always be a family business. As such, we pride ourselves on delivering not just excellent work through our dedicated workforce, but a uniquely personal service that our clients value. We would like to welcome you and your business as one of them.

    – Sanu Gurung, Director

    There is nobody quite like us

    Our business is built on the Gurkha reputation for being dependable, hardworking and versatile.

    Through our growth over recent years, as a family run business we continue to hold our values dear. We will always aim to remain true to our guiding ethos.

    Our people are special

    Many of our employees are personally known to us – others have been introduced to us by personal recommendation. That means we know what you are getting, and our reputation depends on us getting it right.

    We have the benefit of a positive and stable workforce.

    Many of our team have been with us since the business started. Our employees are a loyal and happy bunch with a desire to work and a flexible approach, and our company values come naturally to them. They share in our aims, and we support them to deliver to the high standards that we aspire to. Low staff turnover means higher productivity and less time lost to absenteeism and learning.

    Reliable, committed and productive staff

    We can do more work in fewer hours than other cleaning contractors. Because our staff are known for their hard work and efficiency we can do more without cutting corners or compromising on our high standards

    Sounds good?

    Let’s discover what Kent Gurkha could do for your cleaning…