Value for money

There’s no such thing as a standard site. So why have a standard price?

On the face of it, it’s quite straightforward. Jobs are all similar, so they can be all priced the same, right?
Not for us. While some companies will advertise set fees regardless of the job, we price each one individuallyThis means considering the client’s specific needs, location of the job, and number of hours work needed, and so on.
Yes some things are standard, and some things might be as easy as £x per m2. But while there are some core requirements, every cleaning job is different.
This is why we will ask to visit you. To discuss your needs and look at your property. This means we can produce an accurate quotation that will reflect your requirements. Our quotations are fast and free, and come with no obligations.

A price that is right for you

Contact us today to arrange a simple, hassle-free and no-obligation consultation about your cleaning needs.

    We value privacy and will never share your data.

    What makes up our great value

    The price we quote will depend on a number of things including:

    • your location
    • ease of transport
    • parking costs
    • time that the cleaning job will take
    • the number of people that will be required to complete it
    • the frequency of the work.

    By taking all of these into account we can produce a proposal that is unique to you and your needs. One that represents the best value we can offer.

    What we offer you

    How will Kent Gurkha cure your cleaning headaches?