The benefits of contract cleaning

Why this is one investment your facilities can’t do without

If you currently employ cleaning staff direct, you may think it’s cheaper than paying for a specialist cleaning contractor. But think about the hidden costs…

On the face of it employing your own team seems a simple and cost effective cleaning solution. But if you employ staff you are responsible for:

  • Their holiday pay
  • Their sick pay
  • Their tax, National Insurance and payroll admin

But over and above these costs there are the added expenses and time requirements to ensure your teams deliver the highest standards:

  • Recruitment, training and induction
  • Managing and auditing performance and quality of work
  • Health and safety and COSHH training
  • Provising effective supervision
  • Managing absences
  • Finding alternative staff to cover when staff are off sick or on holiday (or doing it yourself, or going without)
  • Sourcing and supplying appropriate, quality cleaning materials
  • Supplying and maintaining professional quality cleaning equipment – and getting it fixed or replaced if it breaks down.

All this adds up to quite a responsibility and many potential headaches. Your time can easily be consumed managing these issues.

Could you spend that precious time on things that have more value for your organisation?

But a professional contract commercial cleaning company will take care of these things for you, saving you time and leaving you free to concentrate on the things that are central to your success.

Add up the hidden costs, and contract cleaning could end up a much more cost- effective and convenient option than you might have thought.

A contract gives you

  • Simplified cost management

  • Less expense on recruitment, training and equipment

  • Absence and holiday cover

  • Professional management to international standards

  • Accountability

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What you can gain from your contract

So, having seen what you could face with an in-house team, how would a well-managed contract make life easier and better?

  • With a fixed contract price, we will save you money on cleaners’ holiday and sick pay, and on other employer overheads too
  • By following industry best practises, and with the experience gained across multiple contracts for different types of clients, a professional cleaning company will achieve higher levels of productivity. Discover how the Kent Gurkha way of doing things means even greater benefits to you.
  • Bulk purchasing means discounted prices for our cleaning materials, equipment and maintenance,  which translate to lower costs for top quality cleaning materials and equipment.
  • Gain extra flexibility by being able to specify the times and results you are looking to achieve, and agreeing a service level with you cleaning company to be achieved.

As specialists in your field, you know the difference it makes to be experts.

Contract cleaning is no different. We have earned our reputation by delivering excellent cleaning results.

Now learn the Kent Gurkha difference that means we should be your cleaning specialists.

Would you like to discover what we could do for you?