What defines the Gurkha way?

For more than ten years, Kent Gurkha have sought to produce better results than the rest.

Pride and dedication are at the heart of what we do, but attitude is just a part of what makes up our approach to cleaning.

We have worked hard to introduce systems that support the good work we do with a full understanding of the right way to do things. We have gained certifications in various areas of management, such as quality and health and safety.

This systems-based approach allows us to run each contract and the overall business effectively. Our excellent staff understand the exact requirements of each contract, and our management teams are able to monitor and audit the on-site performance to ensure we deliver to our high standards.

Our head office procedures manage everything from environmental impacts to training programmes. Individual sites are subject to spot-checks and regular audits to ensure that our cleaning matches expectations.

And all the while, data is captured and recorded in our computerised systems to be able to report and record each action and client interaction.

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