Are you putting off your commercial kitchen deep cleaning service? We’re here to tell you why you shouldn’t!

All commercial kitchens are obliged to ensure they meet the high standards of legislation surrounding hygiene standards and food safety.

Food hygiene standards for school and commercial kitchens in the UK are set out by the Food Standards Agency.  Information on the key regulations and laws surrounding food hygiene safety in school and commercial kitchens can be found on the FSA website at

The Four Cs of Food Hygiene in Commercial Kitchens

There are four simples rules for commercial kitchens to follow which cover the essential food practices required to prevent food-related hazards. These are:

  • Cleaning
  • Cooking
  • Cross Contamination
  • Chilling

It is recommended that commercial kitchen deep cleaning takes place at least once every six months as a minimum.

How commercial kitchens differ to domestic kitchens

School and commercial kitchens are high traffic areas with higher-than-average daily use. This means that equipment and appliances in commercial kitchens are susceptible to increased daily wear and tear, and greater exposure to dirt and bacteria.

As well as the usual equipment, commercial kitchens may also use a range of specialised appliances and equipment which require specialist care or maintenance.

For example, in order to comply with commercial kitchen regulations, commercial kitchens need to have proper ventilation and extraction, with hooded fans and vents installed above all cooking units.

Regular equipment maintenance is vital, not only for efficiency but also to fulfil health and safety requirements. Faulty or damaged equipment must not be used and must be replaced or repaired immediately.

Commercial Kitchens and Food Hygiene Ratings

Regular commercial kitchen cleaning is vital to ensuring your business complies to Health and Safety and food safety laws and regulations. Every business offering food will undergo an inspection by a food safety officer, and all are expected to achieve a top Food Hygiene rating of 5.

Those that do not receive this rating will be advised on the steps to take for improving their score and a revisit can be arranged to revise the rating given. The ratings for businesses can be found online on the FSA’s Food Hygiene Ratings website at

Commercial Kitchen Deep Cleaning by Kent Gurkha

Kent Gurkha have been providing commercial kitchen deep cleaning services to schools and businesses throughout the Kent area for almost 20 years.

As well as ensuring your kitchen fulfils its legal obligations, our commercial kitchen deep cleaning service brings a number of additional benefits to your business.

We can work around you

Our commercial kitchen deep cleaning service can be carried out around your business hours, taking advantage of quieter periods such as school holidays or during non-working hours or days.

We provide the specialist tools and equipment

We provide all the specialist tools and equipment needed to carry out our work, from cloths and sponges to industrial cleaning machines, meaning your business does not have to worry about the costs, maintenance or storage in providing its own.

We can carry out specialist and general deep cleaning at the same time

As well as commercial kitchen deep cleaning, we can also carry out general deep cleaning to the rest of your business premises. This can include specialist cleaning services such as vent and extraction fan cleaning.

We have highly-trained staff

Our staff are highly-trained and fully compliant with all Health and Safety requirements and regulations. All cleaning systems are colour-coded, avoiding all risk of cross-contamination and we provide full PPE for our team.

We cover floors to ceilings

From full carpet cleaning or stripping and sealing of wooden floors to high-level dust traps and light fittings, we can provide a full floor-to-ceiling deep cleaning service for your business or school.

If your school or business would like to know more about our commercial kitchen deep cleaning services in Kent, please contact us via email at or give us a call on 01622 752 192. Alternatively, send us a message via our contact form.

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