In a series of posts, we will give a little insight into how our commercial cleaning service works. This week – why our cleaning cupboards are home to a colourful collection.

A trip to your local supermarket will give you the chance to stand confused in front of a dazzling array of cleaning products. So imagine life in the commercial world, with even more options but less of the bold branding to help identify which product is which. With time at a premium, standing around trying to remember which liquid is right for which job isn’t going to get the job done on time.

‘Keep it simple, stupid’ is a famous phrase, and one that often makes sense. And keeping it simple is at the heart of the colour coding system that we adopt for our core cleaning products.

The idea is easy – products that are for the same areas or jobs are the same colour.

Let’s take toilets as an example. Toilets mean red – red cleaning fluids, red cloths, red mops.

It is a very straightforward thing to learn, to apply and to monitor. Those items are solely used in the right area, meaning no cross-contamination or spread of germs, and peace of mind for the occupants of the building being cleaned. If they are aware of the colour coding system, they can also have the reassurance of seeing that the system is being safely applied.

Cleaning is an industry where people from very diverse backgrounds come together. The colour coding system is commonplace across Europe, meaning that there is a shared understanding among operatives from a broad base of nationalities. The system is easy to train, and we choose products with very clear, pictogram-based labelling to further help understanding.

Colour coding pictogram

Applying this as a standard across our sites makes great sense for us, our teams and our customers. The design of the products brings a number of benefits.

Training times are reduced, leading to improved safety and greater efficiency in a shorter space of time. We can increase our purchasing power through standardisation, which means lower costs for our customers.

But most importantly, it means better cleaning, more of the time. Which is what we are all striving for.