If you’re employ cleaning staff directly, you may think it’s cheaper than paying for a specialist cleaning contractor. But have you considered the true costs?

On the face of it, it’s easy – employ the staff and let them get on. Undoubtedly looks cheaper than the invoice you would get from an outside contractor.

But let’s stop an take a closer look. If you employ cleaning staff you are responsible for:

  • holiday pay
  • sick pay
  • the time needed for recruitment, training and induction
  • creating cleaning schedules
  • their performance and quality of work
  • health and safety aspects such as risk assessments, and potentially including COSHH training if they are using chemicals
  • supervision
  • absence management
  • finding alternative staff to cover when your cleaner is off sick or on holiday (or doing it yourself, or going without)
  • tax, National Insurance and payroll admin
  • supplying appropriate cleaning materials
  • upplying and maintaining serviceable professional quality cleaning equipment – and getting it fixed or replaced if it breaks down.

Suddenly this all this adds up to a lot of responsibility and a lot of management time. Couldn’t you spend that time doing better things that have more value for your business?

So imagine the simpler scenario of hiring an experienced, professional cleaning contractor who will take care of all this.

Freeing up your time, and being accountable for the quality of the work done. Supporting your work, not creating work.

That extra couple of pounds an hour for cleaning actually starts to sound quite good value, right?