For every commercial cleaning company, office cleaning tends to be our bread and butter.

Based where we are in the centre of Maidstone, we find ourselves surrounded by all types of business – large, small, and everything in between. Over the years we have worked with our neighbours, our friends, and our local Council.

Meeting the needs of businesses really means a focus on flexibility. There is no ‘one size fits all’ solution when it comes to cleaning, and that’s especially true working for the diverse customer groups we encounter. Different levels of office occupation, different hours of operation, different budgets – they all play a part in creating a really varied pattern of working.

When it comes together, this can be great for our staff – a few smaller contracts can be bundled together into a nice package of work for the right person.

However, it also means that the management team need to be very on the ball, with good contract management tools in place to keep track of the different service levels in place and make sure everybody is doing what they are expected to.

This has been especially so through the turmoil of the last few years. From the sudden, shuddering halts of lockdowns to understanding furlough schemes and what they mean for individuals and companies, through to the ongoing problems of absence through self-isolation – we’ve seen challenges like never before.

Putting it all Together

At Kent Gurkha we try to ensure we’re always doing our best to deliver. It is a huge source of pride that we have so many long-standing customers (our very first commercial customer, Levicks, are still on the books) and it’s always wonderful to receive an enquiry through word-of-mouth.

We aim to be the leading provider of office cleaning services in Maidstone, and will always strive to improve the way we work and the services we offer – such as extras like carpet cleaning to keep your offices in tip-top shape.

Do we achieve our goals? We like to think so. Our largest office cleaning contract – for Maidstone Borough Council’s main office building – was recently re-renewed once again in the face of stiff competition.

We have in fact made it a hat-trick of Council office contracts, with Dover joining Maidstone and Folkestone and Hythe.

If your business would like to see how we deliver for these, and other customers please drop us a line today.

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