Innovation is a part of life.

And the cleaning world is no exception.

On the face of it, cleaning is a pretty straightforward business. After all, there are only so many ways we can deal with an area or problem, and lots of those techniques are unchanged for eternity.

However, that downplays the pace of change in the cleaning industry, and our place in a changing world. That’s particularly true of the last couple of years, when the pandemic has taken on often ‘invisible’ service much more to the front-line of defences against COVID.

As the market for cleaning products evolve, so too do the workplaces where we operate. Technology advances mean that automation and data are increasingly pushing for changes in how cleaning is performed.

The Cleaning Show took place in London in the Autumn – this was the ideal opportunity to meet with a number of suppliers and learn more about the products coming to market and how the future of cleaning might look. Visiting on behalf of KG, our Marketing Manager, Mike McKinley examined the opportunities for future development on show.

MM: “The Show was a real eye-opener in terms of how the market is evolving. One of the big features was of course the growth of robots and autonomous cleaning, but for most locations those aren’t practical options yet.

What was striking was the focus on non-chemical cleaning – either using water only with advanced microfibre cleaning equipment, or biological cleaning agents which have much reduced ecological impacts.

The challenge for us as a contractor is to help customers understand the benefits of these products – they fly in the face of a lot of preconceptions around cleaning, especially that you need a chemical of some kind to achieve clean, whether by sight or smell.”

Kent Gurkha will continue to research these innovations to assess where we can offer more for our customers.

To learn more about the services we offer, and what innovative solutions we are adding to our services, please contact us today to review your cleaning needs and how we can help.