Value for money

There’s no such thing as a standard site. So why have a standard price?

On the face of it, it’s quite straightforward. Certain jobs take a similar amount of time, so they can be very easily priced up, right?

Not for us. Whereas some companies will advertise a set tariff regardless of the customer’s needs, we know that there a number of variables to consider. The client’s specific needs, the location of the job, and the number of hours work that will be needed, and so on.

Yes some things are standard, and some things might be as easy as £x per m2. But while there are some core requirements, every cleaning job is slightly different.

This is why we will normally ask to visit the premises concerned to provide an accurate quotation based on the time we believe it will take to clean to the customer’s specification. Our quotations are fast and FREE and there’s no obligation.

A price that is right for you

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What makes up our great value

The price we quote will depend on a number of things including:

  • your location
  • ease of transport
  • parking costs
  • time that the cleaning job will take
  • the number of people that will be required to complete it
  • the frequency of the work.

By taking all of these into account we can produce a proposal that is unique to you and your needs. One that represents the best value we can offer.

We believe that fair pay at a rate that exceeds the national minimum attracts a better calibre of employee, encourages loyalty and rewards the hard work and strong work ethic of our staff. But as an independent family-run business our overheads are low, and our margins not excessive, so the rate we quote will be extremely competitive, but will depend on the job being viable.
Our prices usually include the cost of high quality, professional cleaning materials. We source and select the best products for the job and that offer great value with the lowest environmental impact.

However, if you wish to provide your own that is absolutely fine, and we will be happy to produce a proposal tailored to your choice.

Our prices also include the cost of providing heavy duty professional cleaning equipment, including high quality vacuum cleaners, floor polishing and carpet cleaning machines. But we are happy to use equipment provided by clients as long as it is serviceable and safe.
The choice is yours – if you wish to supply consumable items we will be happy to manage the stocks and replenishment for you alongside our cleaning service.

But if you would like us to use our purchasing power to provide a range of quality products at great prices then we can provide a quotation for you.

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